Maple Flavored Solutions, LLC quantifies metabolites to answer biological questions. We have helped dozens of labs around the world with our customized LC-MS analysis services and consulting.

Targeted Full Scan Analysis

We use high resolution instrumentation to measure your analyte. Our customized software can generate semiquantitative or fully quantitative data. We also can determine reaction flux using stable isotope analysis. We specialize in ion-paired analyses, with dedicated instrumentation for both positive and negative mode ion pairing.

Custom Chromatographic Separations

We create chromatographic separations that allow you to accurately quantify your compounds of interest, distinguishing them from isomers and isobars. Past successes include separation of isocitric acid from citric acid and separation of hexose phosphate isomers. We work with you to develop assays appropriate for your detector, whether unit mass, high resolution, UV-VIS, ELSD, RI or otherwise.

Laboratory Design and Setup

Planning for new instrumentation? Whether you’re contemplating a competitive bid, specifying hardware, or have an instrument on your loading dock, we can help get you up and running. We specialize in turning empty rooms into fully functioning mass spectrometry labs in a matter of days. We can advise you on planning for the power, gas, exhaust, cooling, and support equipment necessary for you to generate your own data, and we can help you set up your systems for maximum productivity.